“What’s in a name ? ” Oh really …!!?

Hello beautiful readers …..this is my first block and I thought I would write it onΒ  “whats in a name ” because it’s so fun and every one having rare name can relate to it .
So here are few things people with rare names have to bare 😁
-1- while introducing yourself youhave to tell your name or pronounce it atleast thrice because person in front of you is listening thee word
for the first time πŸ˜…….so the situation for the rare name owners becomes a lil awkward ….
-2-People actually ask you if you are a foreigner πŸ˜‚…..n you are like nooo…..
-3- People ask you why your parents named you this way ……n u are like ….even I don’t know πŸ€”
-4- Trust me it’s hard for people to remember your name …..n u get called by different random names …or by “hey you !”… sometimes it’s really random …. someone spelled mine marshia …🀐
-5-You are fed up of explaining people the meaning of your name .
Β Β Β Β Β  But ………
Apart from these things …these rared name people have build inside themselves patience to face such situations and explain themselves each time they meet new people …..πŸ€“
And they even feel unique….from the crowd …..
Hit a like if you have a unique name and share your experiences ….!!
See ya …!!πŸ˜€