The problem is in our memory……

The title might seem strange ,how can our memory be our problem.But if we think deeply ,yes it is .Just think right now at present moment you loose your all memory.just try to do it ,close your eyes for a minute and format your disc.Now , do you feel any emotion.No.. because you remember nothing you have a new beginning,you don’t remember what bad happened to you ,or something you did right for wrong people,someone misbehaved with you .You dont remember whom you hate not even whom you love .Don’t you feel at peace ? Total silence ,your brain has nothing to process,nothing to hate , nothing to regret ,nothing to love , nothing to compare , nothing to Envy on , nothing to become sad on.Its just still and stable .Don’t you feel your own presence , something inside you so pure ,some soul thing .
It seems funny right just by erasing our memory we get at present moment in NOW .But we can’t remain without our memory,because those are the experiences we live on ,and take judgements for future.


Its just the way you feel ……..

Sometimes in situations of life we get depressed not very severely but it’s just there in us  and creeps upon your mind. And if you are way too  sensitive , introvert , and shy all at the same time ,then it becomes worst .You think upon a small little thing  a lot ,you literally worry till death ,you are sad depressed and anxious at the same time .
So,feeling in this way ,you want to get rid of this feeling ,escape from yourself ,how …..?!
I have met many people who felt the same in some or the other phase of life and each one says it goes off with time ,it’s how we grow.