Friends 😉😍😪😬😘


Sometimes I wonder how some random people start to mean so much in our life .l mean there’s our family we care about and enjoy togetherness .But our friends …they are just the random people we attach to ,due to some consequences or it may be the
coincidence dono what exactly.But we just love to spend time with them we feel relaxed and joyous .Each one is different but enjoy each other’s company . We all have such groups .
They mean a lot to us not because they give us advice or share things with us but due to their company .Some people just show light to you when things are darker ,they believe in you so much that even you yourself start to believe in yourself ,and trust yourself , that will be with you in times you thought no one would be with you , love you when you are not so lovable , on which you can trust,and even share your deepest thoughts with ,who will make no drama of it and just be with you ,who will laugh with you cry with you .The people that bring out madness in you .Sometimes we look at them and think they are really idiots but then think what would we do without them .That kind of people treasure for life .


Celebrate the change …!!!!


When something is gonna change in our life for eg our friends , surrounding , job ,career  etc we get confused that will the change that is taking place will be upto the mark as before or will it be worst than that or good than before .we all feel the change messy at first and hard to adjust . Because we just keep on thinking about our past thing that has changed instead of what we gain in the new .we doubt our decisions but at that time we should remember that we have to give time to ourselves.Time heals all the thing .may the change be not as good as previous one but you need to adjust ,you have to get involved in the change Instead of fretting on past.sometimes you may feel that the things are falling apart but actually they may be falling into the place,who knows.
The things may not go as we want but remember they are going perfectly in way of the divine force who controls the whole universe.
So whenever things are changing
welcome them , celebrate the change …!!!!

Poem (humour)#1

Raah chal tu koi bhi , tere saath hamesha rahunga ,
Aandhere mei tera saya bhi tera saath de ya na de ,
Me hamesha Tera saath nibhaunga ,
Teri Manzil ki raah seedhae raston se jati hon,
Ya uunchi neechi dhalanon se ,har kadam pe Tera saath doonga ,
Mere aakhri saans tak tere kadmon se kadam milane ki koshish karunga.
   -Tera pyara chappal