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Celebrate the change …!!!!


When something is gonna change in our life for eg our friends , surrounding , job ,career  etc we get confused that will the change that is taking place will be upto the mark as before or will it be worst than that or good than before .we all feel the change messy at first and hard to adjust . Because we just keep on thinking about our past thing that has changed instead of what we gain in the new .we doubt our decisions but at that time we should remember that we have to give time to ourselves.Time heals all the thing .may the change be not as good as previous one but you need to adjust ,you have to get involved in the change Instead of fretting on past.sometimes you may feel that the things are falling apart but actually they may be falling into the place,who knows.
The things may not go as we want but remember they are going perfectly in way of the divine force who controls the whole universe.
So whenever things are changing
welcome them , celebrate the change …!!!!


Its just the way you feel ……..

Sometimes in situations of life we get depressed not very severely but it’s just there in us  and creeps upon your mind. And if you are way too  sensitive , introvert , and shy all at the same time ,then it becomes worst .You think upon a small little thing  a lot ,you literally worry till death ,you are sad depressed and anxious at the same time .
So,feeling in this way ,you want to get rid of this feeling ,escape from yourself ,how …..?!
I have met many people who felt the same in some or the other phase of life and each one says it goes off with time ,it’s how we grow.